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    Professional service makes your work easier

    Commercial property management constitutes a big part of Vanke Service’s business. FM service is provided to properties for self-use, helping corporate customers focus on the development of core business. PM service is provided to leasable properties to increase property value during its life cycle.

    Currently, commercial property management services are mainly provided to corporate headquarters, governmental bodies, commercial office buildings, urban complexes, and industrial parks. Up to the end of March 2017, Vanke Service’s commercial property management services had covered 21.96 million㎡,

    with Headquarters property management services being provided to Tencent Global headquarters in Binhai, Shenzhen, Tencent WeChat headquarters, Alibaba Greenland headquarters (China) in Beijing, Ant Financial headquarters, and Huawei IFM projects & global training center.

    Layout throughout the country

     Vanke Service’s commercial property management services have covered 596  commercial projects over21.96  million㎡ in48 cities, with the involvement of around 6,763 employees.


    • Early consulting service

      Vanke Service provides customers with professional suggestions based on experience and best practices. It helps customers formulate management schemes, program documentation, management systems, and service standards regarding design, construction, sales, equipment selection, installation & commissioning, acceptance, and admission preparation in the early stage, so as to ensure smooth project operation, and avoid possible risks.

      Early consulting service

      Mechanical and electrical system selection and planning

      Traffic flow design and planning

      Parking management and operational strategy planning

      Suggestions on intelligent system selection

      Interior design consulting

      Suggestions on energy consumption strategy

      EHS consulting

      Inspection of buildings

      Special rectification consulting

      Sales center service consulting

    • Property management services

      Vanke Service maintains the safety, environment and facilities in public areas, and meets other customer needs, thus increasing the value of properties through property management.

      Property management services

      Engineering management service

      Customer management service

      Safety protection service

      Environmental management service

      Conference concierge service

      Renovation management service

      Energy efficiency management service

      Large-scale electromechanical equipment renovation service

    • Comprehensive facility management services

      To improve the spatial utilization efficiency of customers, Vanke Service improves the comfort of customers’ work environment and reduces unilateral spatial utilization cost through facility and equipment maintenance, basic environmental management, and the provision of corporate pan-administrative value-added services.

      Comprehensive facility management services

      Office and staff services:reception, conference service, VIP reception, hotline, security, cleaning, landscaping, mail sending and receiving, photocopying, staff restaurant, shuttle, space management, etc.

      Engineering facility operation and maintenance:fire fighting, air conditioning, water supply and drainage, elevator, strong and weak electricity, civil engineering, BMS, data room, clean room, energy management, project management, EHS, etc.

      Comprehensive project management:informationplatform management, supplier management, process control, performance management, risk management, finance, HR, document system management, etc.

    • Real estate operation services

      Relying on the rich resources of Vanke, Vanke Services provides real estate operation services covering land acquisition, authorization construction, leasing agent, renovation, property value evaluation through the entire property life cycle.

      Real estate operation services

      Land selection & acquisition/authorized construction

      Early facility service/facility renovation

      Electromechanical system design consulting

      Leasing agent/lease management

      Office space management

      Evaluation and financing services

    Company history

    • 2013

      Property management services covered 42 projects over 2,485,000 ㎡

    • 2014

      The FIT model was created. The Farsighted Service System was published. The commercial property development strategy was determined.

    • 2015

      In January 2015, the Major Customer Service Center was set up, and relevant service system was created, which marked the launch of Vanke Service’s market-oriented commercial property development strategy.

    • 2017

      In 2016, the Swan Program was launched, announcing the start of the three-year commercial property development. R&D centers in four regions were built.


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    Service Supervision Hotline in China4009-51-51-51

    Headquarter address: No. 63, Meilin Rd., Futian District, Shenzhen, China Postcode: 518049

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