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    “Live Here” to start enjoying a happy life.

    The value of property management is truly reflected in the management of property and service to people.
    As a profession closest to owners, property service is vitally related to owners’ life and becomes one of the necessities of urban living. Managing the common assets of owners day after day as entrusted is the responsibility of a property management company.

    Live Here

    Live Here, Born for Community Public Rights and Interests

    The ID card of facilities and equipment is to keep owners informed of the conditions of each resource.
    The systematic operation of each resource brings improvement in unit business value and boosts revenue growth.
    Create a Transparent Community for owners and offer open access to revenue of public resources.

    Joint Community Building Friendly Neighborhood Program

    Join the convenient, reassuring and delightful Neighborhood Market and get daily necessities.
    Buy to support community development. For each purchase in the Neighborhood Market, the business owners will make a certain donation to the Friendly Neighborhood Program for community development.
    Gather the strength of Friendly Neighborhood. The Friendly Neighborhood Program supports hardware update and cultural development in the community and boost the value preservation and appreciation of the property.

    The Friendly Neighborhood Program will use the donated funds in hardware update
    And cultural development?of your community.
    Gather the strength of Friendly Neighborhood and enhance the value of your assets.

    Service Supervision Hotline in China4009-51-51-51

    Headquarter address: No. 63, Meilin Rd., Futian District, Shenzhen, China Postcode: 518049

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